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Cable Management can be paramount to office and employee safety as well as the aesthetics of your work place. Our range of cable trays and holders ensure that your wires and electrics are properly managed and secure. Make sure that your office desk and work space is tidy and above all, hazard-free.

Cable Tidy 790mm
Cable Spines 790mm
Cable Spines
Magnetic Vertical Cable Riser
Single Desk Cable Tray
Cable Management Tray
Central Drop Down Cable Tray and Bracket
Mass Vertical Cable Riser

Cable Management keeps your office safe, tidy and efficient

Lets face it, not only can loose wires be dangerous but they can also be ugly to look at, making the room look messy and this can reflect on you and your company negatively.

That's why we stock a brilliant selection of helpful cable management systems available now at Easy Office Furniture. No matter how many wires you have we have exactly what you need to safely and quickly move them around your office furniture and out of sight.

Run your wires into one of our trays and lead them to where they need to be using our cable ducts up to your office desk. It's a simple and effective way to hide and re-route wires around your office without having to run them directly across the floor.

How can cable management work for me?

Cable ducts are cheap and effective, simply wrap them around a single wire or multiple wires to hide the cables in white plastic and move them to where they need to be.

Attach one of our trays to the underside of your desk for a complete cable management set up that can be extended or removed whenever you need it to be allowing for as many cables or as few as you want.

If you want to be extra tidy, as your cables leave your tray try adding cable clips for that extra help in keeping them together as they get further away from the electronics.

Effective cable management can be paramount to safety in the office

Using one or two clips every few feet can be the difference between an unsafe and unsightly office space or one that looks neat and tidy and is free of Health and Safety issues.

Cable risers are great for securely lifting electrical cables off the floor and up to your desk in a safe and controlled manor, don't risk someone tripping over and disconnecting your computer tower and losing your important work, or pulling a monitor off the desk and onto someone.

Fitting out or refurbishing your office

If you are ordering these as part of a total office installation or refurbishment, don't forget we have dedicated services for the whole process in order to help you get your office fitted quickly and efficiently.

Call us on 01286 541888 to discuss any element of your office fit out refit, we are here to help. Alternatively you can click below to drop us a message and a member of the Easy Office Furniture team will be in touch.

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