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Once you've found the perfect office desk, you'll want to keep it efficient, tidy and stylish with some of our functional desk accessories. From shelves and pen tubs to desktop trays and organisers we have a great range of accessories to optimise your workstation. 

Piano Acoustic Floor Screen
L Profile 2 Way Screen Connector
Laptop Stand Attachment
Vibe Desktop Screen
Vibe Elev8 Screen
Fabric Floor Standing Screen
Vibe Floor Screens

Desk accessories and screens for an efficient office and work space

When it comes to desk accessories and screens our range is not only extensive but competitively priced for absolute peace of mind regarding quality and affordability.

If you're looking for “worlds best boss” mugs or a charming nodding dog to put on your desk, this may not be the category you were looking for, however if you're in the market for useful things to put on your desk feel free to delve deeper into our assortment of accessories.

A place for everything at a price to suit you

Saving space on your office desk is important when that space is at a minimum. Keeping your office tidy and organised is essential to creating an efficient working environment. That's where our cubical wall mounted accessories come in very handy.

Able to hook over a wall or desk divider our trays and storage areas can be put up in moments and store all manor of items from pens to papers.

If you're looking for a more modular and semi permanent solution to desk accessories you can try our accessory rails available to mount an amazing selection of useful trays and accessories right to the walls with ease.

Organise your desk with our Claremont accessories range for your office

Is your desk missing a multi purpose tray or pen tub? It's small things like this that can make the difference between a desk looking unkempt and a desk looking minimal sleek and productive.

Try our Claremont range of office desk accessories including the multi purpose tray, useful for storing odds and ends that normally end up scattered around your desk. With using a desk tray everything will have its own place letting you keep track and know exactly where things are when you need them.


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