Our power socket extensions and management equipment makes it easy to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your office whilst safely sculpting the electrics of your workplace. 

Connector Lead
Mains Lead
Under Desk Power Modules
Ion Power Module
Chroma Power Module
Under Desk Data Modules
Aero Power Module
Belkin Wireless Charging
Proton Power Module
Hubble Power Module
Pixel Power Module
Phase Power Module
Cluster Power Module
Inca Power Module
Pluto Power Module
Eclipse Power Module
Tholus Power Module

Power for all your gadgets, screens and computers

We're not far off wireless charging for your gadgets such as your phone or tablet, unfortunately our larger appliances will always need wires to power them, This can, if not done properly cause all manor of problems for offices and homes.

That's where our excellent array of power management tools come in. Power everything you need from one outlet using our “power socket blocks” or extenders giving you more outlets and more space for sockets.

Hide ugly wires and sockets from view

Place one of our power box's under your desk to extend your 3m leads and add more power points into your workspace.

Keeping computer wires from extending across floors and workspaces is key to a safe and productive environment for workers, so make sure your office electrics are in order. Keep ugly wires at bay by extending them and re-routing them around and away from occupied spaces using our extension leads.

On desk modular power sockets

If you need more power at your fingertips rather then having it hidden away under you desk consider our range of desk mounted power sockets, as many power sockets as you need right at your desk thanks to the modular system.

The system will sit on your desk and power things like computer monitors, gadget chargers, telephones and more effortlessly and safely.

Manufactured to the highest safety standards

We don't expect you to take chances with your electrical appliances using unspecified leads and power cables, but you will never have to worry about using Easy Office electric systems thanks to everything we supply being built to the highest quality and stringent standards the EU demands.


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