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Belkin Charging Pad

Specifically engineered to optimise performance for all Qi-enabled smartphones, the wireless charging pad 10W not only charges at optimal speed but protects phone functionality while charging. This 10 watt charging pad means faster charging than standard 5-watt wall chargers, offering the fastest possible wireless charging for the latest phone models and other Qi-enabled devices. 

Belkin Surface Wireless Charging Spot

The wireless charging spot for surface installation sits on top of a table or desk for convenient placement and easy-to-see availability. Installation is easy thanks to standard 80mm grommet-hole dimensions, bringing fast and cable-free charging into the office environment, and the 10W pad delivers fast wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices including iPhones, Samsung devices, Sony and LG. 



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Belkin Charging Pad

• Designed to protect smartphone functionality while charging
Universal compatibility to charge all Qi-enabled smartphones
A soft LED light indicates when the phone is correctly aligned on the pad and charging
Foreign object detection helps prevent the charger emitting unnecessary power and heat 

Belkin Surface Wireless Charging Spot

Capable of delivering up to 10W wirelessly ensures fast charging for all compatible devices 80mm • Wireless charging pads eliminate the need for cables to provide clean, clutter-free charging
10W ensures optimal charging for all Qi-enabled devices
• Easily integrated into any location to provide an enhanced customer experience 


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