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Our Filing Cabinets come is a fantastic selection of styles, shapes and sizes for all of your home and office storage needs. Choose from a range of metal, wooden or veneer filing cabinets in any number of available finishes. Keep your office stylish, tidy and efficient.
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Filing Cabinets | Storage Solutions for the Home & Office

Filing Cabinets are a great addition to your general office furniture, helping you to keep your office organised and tidy. Whether you are looking for a clean, metal style cabinet or more of a contemporary feature we have storage solutions for all office designs and themes. We have a wide range of stylish wooden filing cabinets that come in many finishes including teak, maple and oak, that give a more traditional feel.

We also have veneer finishes along with a white, blue and red options for a more modern cutting edge feel. So although the tried and tested filing cabinet is often over looked as an impact piece of office furniture here at Easy Office Furniture we don't think so.

Selecting your office storage solutions | Filing cabinets with character

Our filing cabinets come with different features and functional compartments to make sure you get the most from your storage. Some are completely closed and some have the option of half closed sections. Some are lockable for extra security and some include an open top with shelves for display or easy access.

People often just go for the same old same old when it comes to filing cabinets and cupboards. They are generally grey metal about 5-6ft tall with several drawers and compartments for document storage. They are great options for that traditional look and of course we do have them. However we also like to offer a full rounded selection to suit different office designs, styles and themes.

So the question is really, how good is your imagination and how can we help you compliment the style of your existing office? 

Your choices include;

What material do you want them made from? Wooden filing cabinets through to metal filing cupboards

What colour would you like? The traditional grey, a more luxurious wood or contemporary bright colours?

And of course the more standard considerations such as what space do you have t work with and what is the required use?

Simply browse our filing cupboards or give us a call to discuss your requirements with our team of experts.

Office Installations & Refurbishments

We have a dedicated team for both office fitting and planning so if you would like to discuss your project then why not give us a call or click below to drop us a message.

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Filing Cabinets