Hat and Coat Stands

Hat stands and coat racks are a great way to keep your office space neat and tidy and free from Health & Safety risks. A stylish coat stand can also add a touch of style and compliment the design of your home or office while also being a functional open storage piece.

Modern 8 Coat Stand
Traditional 8 Coat Stand
Traditional 12 Coat Stand
Tree 5 Coat Stand

Don't overlook the important smaller things

Hat stands and coat racks can be easily over looked when buying furniture for your home or office, yet in reality they should be very carefully chosen. They add an all important style to the room as well as a functionality that is guaranteed to be in use year round by employees and family alike.

Store your coats, hats and bags away in the corner where you do not have to worry about them using our fine range of full metal hangers in a beautiful selection of designs and finishes.

When it comes to safety it's time to show you mean business

Don't take the safety of your employees and clients for granted, your health and safety assessments should pick up on the need for a place to store hats and coats out of the way of walking routes and under desks.

This can be easily fixed by giving people a place to hang their unneeded coats and jackets safely and securely keeping your office floors clear and clean for staff, preventing any trips and falls.

Design where it counts

Not all coat and hat stands are made equal. Some will have more space for items to hang than others and the designs will vary. It's up to you to make your choice taking into account how many people you have in your office, what their needs are, and what design and style will fit in to your working environment.

Perhaps a funky UFO style coat rack will suit your needs and style with its added space for umbrellas, or maybe more traditional styles will take your fancy with its hanging space doubled while still remaining strong and sturdy like the others.

What ever your choice you can be sure of quality and transparency with our prices.


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