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See our fantastic range of breakout chairs and soft seating available in a selection of exiting colours and styles. Breakout areas are becoming increasingly popular, and needed within the office environment. Offices can be stressful and busy to work in leading to stressed employees. Give your valued workers a place outside of the rudimentary office space and create your own breakout area. 

Karma Meeting Table

Soft furniture to create a relaxed atmosphere

Breakout areas can be any area with extra seating for your employees away from their normal working space and environment. This can help create a more informal feeling within the office and the soft, often colourful seating can be used by any of your staff and can be positioned in ways to create secondary room styles or areas that is separate from other spaces.

A breakout meeting room

A meeting room can often be stuffy and too corporate for some peoples liking. Maybe its time to try a breakout meeting room setting and create an area ready for important clients to relax in. This way you can speak more openly in the more calming and positive environment.

Follow shining examples from large corporations like Microsoft, Google and Dell

Breakout areas have been proven to help workers feel more at home, and relaxed. Large global companies like Google have been using them for some time in their offices. These offices are often deemed the cutting edge of environmental design pushing the envelope on what you can do with an office space while keeping it productive and on point as Google so often is.

Our breakout furniture comes in all shapes and sizes

Available in brave and calming colours our breakout furniture comes in a selection of shapes and sizes allowing you to build your area into whatever shape or meeting area you wish.

Fully customizable and interchangeable the chairs fit together nicely allowing seamless seating no matter what configuration you wish to have them in.


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