6 things to consider when choosing and moving to a new Office Space in Essex

Looking for a new office in Essex? Grab a pen and take some notes!

When looking at choosing an office space in Essex there are a few factors that you need to consider. Some are obvious but others, which we have included here may not be as apparent at first, however may work exceptionally well for your business and may even save you time and money in the long term.

Essex is one of those counties that unless you live there, (and sometimes even those that do live there) you may not appreciate how rural certain areas in the county are. This is a key consideration when choosing office space in Essex. The area has a key impact on how easy it is to find and access your business and services.

There are also the more obvious questions that need to be addressed such as budget available, what you need your office space for, do you need parking, are you catering for just staff, or clients and visitors also?

On the move...?

Once you have decided on the new office and its location, the next thing you need to worry about is actually moving in. Do you have existing furniture that you will take with you or will you be refitting the office with an entirely new look. If you are, you may look to use an office fit out company based in Essex to help with this process.

So as you can see there are a number of very important factors to consider, and that's exactly what we aim to do with you here in this article.

Although this article focuses on Essex, these point are applicable to pretty much anywhere, so we hope you find them helpful.

1How much should I spend on an office space?

Ok, so this is an obvious one, but still...

Whether you are a young, established or even a new start up business, the costs involved in renting your office are something that you really need to consider.

SpendingThis long term overhead comes with additional costs to factor in such as utilities, business rates and potential service charges too. Be sure to check this out in the contracts what is included and at what costs this all comes.

Although we will talk on this more in the article the cost of your office will depend on the location that you choose. If your office space is in one of the larger county towns such as Brentwood or Chelmsford then you are looking at a much higher cost per square foot than a smaller area like Basildon.

Within your business forecast you need to work out your overheads and costs of sales and the figure that leaves you with will dictate as to how much you can spend on your office.

What's in the contract vs what could be in the contract

Make sure that you really explore all of the options with the agent as many of them do have a rent free period or incentives for long term rentals, and remember you will have to find normally between 3 and 6 months as a deposit payment.

With the cost of the office you also need to consider whether you want to rent a serviced office space that may include

  • some or all of your bills
  • things like utilities
  • may come partially furnished
  • is the office ready with phone lines and broadband (if not this could take time to install - remember to order in advance)
  • and a service charge that will cover cleaning too

Cleaning Company | EssexRemember, if you choose a non serviced office these are all costs you need to factor into your decision making process.

With these service charges in mind, if you own office space or are looking for cleaning services in Essex, we could not be happier to recommend Swift Office Cleaning Services who provide consistently high standards to all of their clients and customers. You can check them out here www.swiftcleaning.co.uk

2What do you require your office space to deliver?

This seems like a really straight forward question, but you do need to consider a few different groups of people when choosing and fitting out your new office.

For your staff, is the new office;

  • Within an easy and reasonable commute
  • An acceptable size and standard for the volume of employees
  • Conducive to creating a positive working atmosphere

For your clients and visitors, does the new office;

  • Give off the right image of your business
  • Offer easy access and is it simple to find
  • Have space for on site meetings
  • Provide parking close by

You may never have clients visit and your staff only visit to drop time sheets off, so none of the above would really be an issue. But if you need to cater for any people on site regularly these are just a few of the things you should be thinking about. So as you can see what your business needs to accommodate for will dictate which office space you go for.

3When is a good time to move offices?

As a rule when the question of when to move office space nearly always answers itself.

Time to move

You may be a new start up currently working from home, looking to provide yourself with a more professional business space and accept clients and visitors. You may be expanding and looking to take on staff, so you are going to need a larger office space.

The right time will often present itself as when your current working environment no longer fills its requirements. Taking into account any existing lease agreements and legal advice where needed, it's important to choose the right time. So from here we establish a time frame with in which we will suffer the absolute least disruption to our day to day activities and aim to get the move completed within this time.

Help is at hand

When having this kind of move you really do need to consider the time scales and process for your office fit out. Are you are going to simply purchase and install your own office furniture and install it yourself or do you want to look into using one of Essex’s professional office fit out companies.

4Location, Location, location?

We've all heard it, we've all seen the T.V show. The same phrase is as true for your office as it is your home.

The location that you choose is key. Your office space needs to be convenient for your staff and clients that may visit. Choosing somewhere that is convenient, near to transport links like train services, bus routes. Either having its own car park or at least having ample local parking will be essential.

Location, location, location

As mentioned earlier, the location you choose will have an effect on the rent you pay and the business rates that you may be liable for. 

A little research can help you balance out the perfect location with the budget that you can afford.

If you're looking for office space in Essex, we'd like to give a special mention to Dragon Enterprise Centre who can be found at www.dragonenterprisecentre.co.uk – this highly recommended company provide office space and self storage solutions and conference facilities.

5Will your current office furniture fit?

Office FurnitureAlthough it may seem a minor consideration, it is one that can end up giving you a set of costs and a headache that you did not want. You may, more often than not, end up adding to the office furniture that you already have, but if your new office does not match you may end up needing a full office furniture refit. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your new office.

This, again is where an office fit out company can really save the day. Not only will they install your office furniture to the most professional standard but they can also help you plan and place the furniture perfectly, giving you the office that you and your staff can be proud of and your clients can marvel at.

You can browse our professional and stylish range of office furniture here - we are an Essex based office furniture provider and offer great savings on refurbishment and installations..

6Finally, think outside the office

There are always options and alternatives when you think a little bit laterally about your business situation and the office space required.

Getting back to nature with a garden office

It may be that you have a very small work force, let's say1-3, maybe 5 staff. If this is your situation and you have a reasonable sized garden you could look at having a home based outdoor office building.

These are often not as expensive as you would think, and when you consider what you will be paying for your rent on an office, you will see savings for your business mounting up.

This option is favoured by a lot of design led companies including celebrities like Kirsty Allsop. Something a bit left field but an option all the same.

We found some great options over at Carr Garden Buildings for using your garden as a location and a timber building as your home office. These guys are based in Essex and have an exceptional range of impressive garden based home office solutions. If this is for you, we'd highly recommend taking a look over what they have to offer.

Remote WorkingLog on from anywhere

An alternative option to this would be to look into a distance or coworking option where you have your staff work from remote offices or from home. The benefits of the coworking or remote working environment to both business economics and efficiency can be exceptional. Obviously this type of set up only works for a certain structure of business, but id definitely worth looking in to, especially for smaller companies.

Be aware that you would need to speak to your local council and to your insurance companies. I would also suggest talking to a solicitor to ensure that you can run a business from your home. You need to be sure that you are aware of any business rates and that you are not contravening the terms of the covenants on your property and of course planning permission.

So there you have it...Our guide to some of the most important considerations when moving to a new office in Essex.

We hope that you've found this article useful and if you have any questions at all why not drop us a message below. And obviously, if you are looking to furnish that new office, we'll be more than happy to help. Either browse our excellent range of office furniture available now or if you are getting ready for a full office refurbishment or fit out then get in touch to discuss your project.


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