My Day at 100% Design

What is it?

On the 21st to the 24th of September designers and manufacturers come together to showcase their products at Olympia London. For industry professionals, 100% Design is the place to be! It is the largest and longest running design trade event in the UK and I thought I would check it out.


I visited 5 different areas: Emerging brands; Kitchens and bathrooms; Design & build; Workplace; and Interiors. But, as you can imagine, I focused a bit more on the Workplace area. From seating to desking to electronics to acoustics to storage to lighting and finally to flooring, there was something to satisfy a workspace’s needs.


Who was there?

MDD – Receptions | Mount Lighting – Lighting | Ackurat – Unique plastic parts | aeris – 3D active seats | Aircharge – Wireless charging | Andrew Muirhead & Son – Contract furniture | Box15 – Office furniture | Clarke Rendall – Reception desks | Cube Spaces – Breakout | Desso – Floor design | Diane Butterworth – Space planning | Dynamic Office Solution – Office furniture | Euroworkspace – Storage | EVOline ePlace Design – Electrics | Famo – Office Furniture | Flexcube International – Modular Furniture | Framery – Acoustic phone booths | Friends of Wilson – Acoustics | Futura Leathers – Leather | – Glass whiteboards | Gresham Office Furniture – Office Furniture | Haworth – Office Furniture | Isomi – Receptions | Johanson – Office Furniture | Kinnarps – Breakout | Koehl Seating – Office chairs | Kwickscreen – Room partitioning | MagScapes – Magnetic wall materials | MARK Product – Contract furniture | Nowy Styl Group – Office furniture | OE Electrics – Electrics |  Peska UK – Office seating | Protocol Furniture – Contract furniture | Sagal – Office furniture | Silverline – Office storage | SketchUp – Space planning | Soulful Creative – Design Studio | Staverton – Office furniture | Steelcase – Office furniture | Texaa – Materials and panels | TopBrewer – Drinks | Triumph – Office furniture |


What was I loving?

Walking around you only stop to really look at stands that you are really intrigued by, because you can guarantee that someone will come over to talk to you for at least 15 minutes. So don’t stop unless you love the product!




My favourite item at 100% Design was by the company KwickScreen. I would call the product a screen or a room partition but it is so much more. PORTABLE – Buy them wall mounted or on wheels, change the height and change the colour. RETRACTABLE – Not only can the KwickScreen extend up to 3.2m but it can also retract to have a tiny footprint. PRINTABLE – The screens are double sided and printed digitally and the use of zips make them easily interchangeable. With a number of different prints to choose from – Nature, fun, abstract, calm and restful, nostalgic, vibrant, or even talk with the team and get something custom made. Perfect for events, branding or brightening up an office.


What attracted me most to this product was their ability to adapt their product to their surroundings. Schools and hospitals, make yours a white laminate so you get a giant, portable white board. Offices and companies, add your logo to get your brand seen. Anywhere noisy, change to an acoustic felt to quieten down the area. And what’s better, the zip allows you to only have to purchase the stand one time, want to change the screen? Only purchase the screen!




Next up is OE Electrics, I loved their stand at the exhibition. Not only was there a model of their new product that was bigger than myself, but their stand was big, bright and colourful. Here, I had two favourites.

Pluto is the perfect way to satisfy a demand for power and data connectivity in informal spaces. As you may have been able to tell, I like products that I can put my own personal spin on. Not only can you customise the power and data you have in the product, you can also change the colour, whether you want matte or shine, if you want a design and most importantly you can add LED lights. Pluto is ideal for breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms and coffee tables. Sharing power is the way forward.


Ice Cream Cones (Okay they aren’t ice cream cones they’re Pose and Pendulum). Pendulum is the answer for minimalistic power. A splash of colour at the top of the power module is perfect to brighten any office area. Secure it under your desk or create three ice cream cones with the Pendulum Cradle. Or take it one step further and use the flexible chrome plated steel gooseneck stand for a versatile power module.

Screen-Shot-2016-09-22-at-155728-dn6YhK.png Screen-Shot-2016-09-22-at-155853.png

What was the strangest item?

This particular chair came from a company called Twiin Design. The product is called Chaplin and this is how they describe him:


‘This cheeky chair brings a smile and a touch of personality wherever you decide to sit. It’ll steal the scene in any reception area, meeting room or lounge. No words can truly capture the magic of this little seating star – so we’ll shuffle off.’


At 100% Design, this chair was in green – as can be seen in the photos – and the only way I can describe it is looking like a frog. It was by far the strangest and funkiest product I saw at the exhibition.



Trends of the Day

At 100% Design lighting took up a large proportion of the stands. Many of the lighting displays created an industrial feel amongst the exhibition. With low dangling bulbs, long wires and a large use of steel and copper. One of my favourite lighting displays was by the company Mineheart. Their display included ceiling lights with a twist. Black feathers adorned one light, a skull with a crown adorned another, the gothic lights suited the rest of Mineheart’s collection which boasted a medieval and gothic feel.


LG also had a display at 100% Design and was one of the sponsors for the event. They showcased their OLED light panels which are thin-film transistor liquid crystal display panels and flexible displays. The darkened room demonstrated how the OLED light panels can be customised by choosing different shapes, sizes, models and colour temperatures. Walking into the darkened room was like entering a new world of bright light. Following this display into ‘The Gallery’ where the LEDFlex Lighting company proudly displayed they’re flexible LED lighting range. They’re use of colours and shapes certainly attracted the eye.


My day in a nutshell

So my day at 100% Design was a busy one. I saw the smart, the wacky, the crazy and the innovative. I will definitely be visiting next year!

And if you want one of my top insider tips…visit the Crussh bar and order the Banarama smoothie, best one I’ve ever had!


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