Sitting vs Standing Desks

Sitting at your desk VS Standing at your desk

When it comes to work station set-ups not much has changed... ever. You have always had a computer, desk and chair.
The biggest change to the formula has come in the form of an argument, “Sitting down or standing up?"
Are you ready for a shock? Keep reading...

It won't matter how active you are after work If you're still sedimentary at during the day

Even if you hit the gym or football field after work it will not make up for the slowly encroaching damage you are doing to yourself through the day.
Study's have shown damage done to your body and mind from constant sitting cannot be undone by exercising afterwards so it's important to make sure you are as active throughout the day as much as you're active during the night.
It's been know for a long time now the damage that can be caused due to sitting for extended periods of time and its better for you to act on this now when you can do something about it and stop any nasty effects like slouching and curving your spine putting a lot of pressure on your spinal cord and even stopping your lungs from expanding fully leading to a shortness of oxygen, you might not notice it but your body sure does.
With less oxygen moving around your body and up to your brain certain task will become more laborious and you will feel slower to react or able to make clear and decide choices.

Find out more about the risks of sitting all day

Stand up at least once every twenty minutes

TableAir-Dark-Red-LED.jpgThe best time to act upon these negative effects is within the hour, just a short break to get up and move such as a short ten minute walk can help fend off these negatives allowing you to focus on work and not get paranoid about your health.

Make reasons to leave your desk, perhaps getting up to make coffee or collecting things from areas outside your reach.
if needed you can set an alarm to go off throughout the day to remind you to remain active. whatever gets you up and moving during the working day is of great benefits to you and can help you to hit your goals to move more during the working day.
Once you feel more comfortable moving at regular times during the day you can start getting more serious if you wish.

Why not try an active desk chair before going all out and changing to a standing desk?

What is an active desk chair?

An active desk chair in some way or another can move freely either in one direction or in multiple directions at the same time, This can create the need for you to use core stabilizing muscles while sitting or can simply allow you to move your body around in a limited motion so you can get a bit of movement during the working day at the very least.

Why are there so many different types of active chairs and what will best suit me?

Some active chairs will allow you more movement then others, this works both for and against you to a degree.

The more movement the chair allows the higher the chances are of you engaging more stabilizing muscles, this can end in you feeling more tired by the end of the working day to start with but this should subside when your body becomes more adjacent to being used throughout the day in one way or another and the overall health benefits should outweigh the negative in the long term.

If you want to keep a good balance of movement and support I suggest you look for a chair with limited range of motion available, a balance ball chair would be a good choice with its range of movement being mostly up and down.
It can be beneficial to try multiple chairs when deciding upon one, try borrowing one from a work college or giving then a good test at the store so you can find your preferred style of active chair before you order.

Little steps for big changes

Once you have found the right chair for you, it's worth easing into it slowly to reduce shock to the body and keeping sore muscles at bay.
Keep your conventional chair and try alternating days to use your new and old chair to minimize the strain on your body and progress into using your new chair continually.

TableAir_Logo200x100.jpgYou don't have to choose between a standing desk and a sitting desk with the variable height desks, Sometimes a good balance between standing and sitting in your active chair can be best for you during the working day.
Simply lower your standing desk to a sitting position and bring your active chair our from under your desk and you are fully ready to take on the rest of the day in a comfortable sitting position.

I can tell you from experience that some people set in their ways will think the idea is strange borderline crazy but remember what you are hoping to achieve is a more healthy life style for you and you don't need their permission of acceptance of new ideas.

A great example of variable height desks are one of our fantastic, innovative manufacturers, TableAir

Moving up to the standing desk

Once you have become more active and your body has adjusted to moving more freely throughout the working day and you still wish to move up to a standing desk now is the time.
Give what type of desk will suit you best some real thought, It should fit nicely where your current desk is located and be of the same dimensions while still fitting in with other pieces of furniture you may own in your office or home office.

It's possible you will need to rearrange your desk to allow you extra space to stand at your desk comfortably, but don't forget to free up some space by moving your chair under your desk when it is fully elevated.

How should you actually stand up?

Stupid question right? You know how to stand up, you've been doing it since you were 10 months old! But think again.
How evenly do you stand, 50/50 on each leg? How about after standing for five hours straight? That percentage will be thrown off and you might start favouring one leg over the other for weight.
Avoid this and try to keep your weight as even as possible throughout the day, It will be hard to start with but its good to get out of these bad habits early on rather then later.

Did you know by standing up for just three hours a day for 5 days a week will burn 30,000 extra calories, or around 8lb of fat a year!

Once your standing desk is complete you can step back and ogle your outstanding achievement of being on the cutting edge of workplace health!
I can tell you from experience that some people who are set in their ways will think the idea is strange... borderline crazy but remember what you are hoping to achieve is a more healthy life style for you, and you don't need their permission or acceptance of your new idea.

Now you have all the information its up to you, Take a new perspective on the all too common office work space and make a change in your life for the better.

Standing vs Sitting Infographic

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