Claremont Office Furniture – Mix It Up with Framework

Easy Office Furniture are always excited to introduce new ranges to offer our customers. Our latest exclusive, Claremont, incorporate the perfect blend of quality and modern design into their office furniture range. 

But what makes Claremont so special? Their large amount of accreditations? Their ability to create office furniture suitable for anyone and everyone? The massive flexibility available in their ranges? Or the outstanding value for money?

We believe the answer is, all of the above!

Framework is a simple and well-designed range of office furniture. The use of quality materials and the outstanding value for money makes this range a brilliant one to use in any office environment.

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Claremont Office Furniture – How does it work?

Saving money for customers is an important aspect for Claremont. 

With this in mind, Frameworks telescopic beam system has an integrated cable management facility, which reduces the need of many cable trays. The clever and stylish interlocking cantilever leg also enables employees to share components when multiple workstations are used. 

Claremont – Size Matters!

This range is one of the best due to the adaptability of the furniture. Claremont Office Furniture - Framework

The flexibility of the Claremont Furniture is why the Framework range is the way forward in office desking. The office desk frame can be adjusted to the length you like and with an easy-to-use system the frame can go from 800mm to 1800mm. So why is that useful?

Let's take an example; If, for instance, your office houses 10 employees, the Framework office desks can be extended to their larger setting i.e. 1600mm.

However if after a year your business grows to 30 employees, the desks will need to be smaller. Instead of having to replace all of the desks, Framework allows you to keep the same frames by using the size adjustable system. The only thing that needs to be replaced are the desk tops. 

Your Framework, Your Style!

Customisable Office Furniture is at it's best when it comes to Claremont! Style, theme and even colour code your office with a unique range of coloured office desk tops! If the office colours change, so can your office desk tops making for swift and easy office refits, redesigns and refurbishments!

A little bit about Claremont

The Claremont CentreClaremont pride themselves on their many accreditations. All of their products carry a ten-year manufacturers guarantee. They also work closely with FIRA, the world’s leading independent furniture technology centre to ensure that every product they release onto the market is truly fit for purpose and exceeds all relevant British and European standards. 

Corporate social responsibility is another value held high by Claremont. Their certificates in CSR include the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme, PEFC and CEMARS.

To find out more, read Claremont’s Story

So is Claremont Office Furniture for you?

  • Highly adaptable and customisable!
  • Stylish, modern and flexible design!
  • Affordable and great value for money!
  • No compromise on quality!
  • Ten year manufacturer guarantee!

If your requirements include any of the above then we can safely say that the Claremont Office Furniture Range is meant for your office! You can browse this exclusive selection right here at Easy Office Furniture!

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