TableAir | To Sit or to Stand? That is the Question

The TableAir is defying the laws of gravity…. okay it isn’t quite doing that but it’s still pretty cool!

Have you ever seen a table that allows you to move from a sitting to a standing position with just the motion of your hand? Or have you ever seen a table that can change height and colour with an app on your phone?

See, I told you the TableAir was pretty cool, and we are so excited to introduce it to our range of office furniture.

This cutting edge technology will transform your office into a trendy working environment with you at the very forefront of your industry. Employees will love it, visitors will be wowed by it.

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For you non-techy folks here is how the TableAir works.

To raise the TableAir, press the Smart Button once and raise your hand. To lower the TableAir, click the Smart Button and move the table down, releasing when it reaches the desired height.

Simple, eh? Let's check it out….

For you technology junkies out there let me explain the mechanics of how the TableAir works.

TableAir Smart ButtonIt all flows from the Smart Button that we mentioned earlier. From here a process takes place that is based on ultrasonic sensor technology which uses a transmitter and a receiver to monitor your hand.

After activating the Smart Button, the user places their hand above the button, from here the transmitter sends a sound wave which bounces from the hand above. The receiver then calculates the time it took for the sound wave to travel back.

As TableAir knows the speed of sound, it can measure the distance by dividing the time result. A user’s hand tends to move slightly so this measurement cycle takes place 200 times and locks onto the average height. This all happens within a matter of seconds.

Awesome, Right? There's more! Got your height? Choose your light!

Customise your lighting to suit you! LED lighting surrounds the edges of the TableAir allowing you to set the mood to your liking. You can communicate if you’re busy (maybe with a red) or available (maybe with a green). With many different lighting variations, the TableAir can easily become the centrepiece of any interior.

There’s no need for a messy worktop. With plenty of sockets for your devices there is more space for your creativity. The TableAir comes with 2 USB mobile charging points; 2 AC power ports; and a 250cm power cord.

TableAir APP Control - Standing Desk ControlSo not only is the TableAir easy to use, height adjustable and you can also have a bit of a disco; you can control all of this through a simple APP on you iPhone or Android! The APP allows you to set a timer so you can change from sitting to standing; track your standing process; control the LED lights; and control the height. Technology at its simplest!

What are the benefits of standing to work?

It's sounds a little out there I know, but studies have shown that reducing the number of hours you are sitting per day can greatly reduce the risk of health problems, particularly related to obesity and diabetes. Your metabolism gets a massive bump in the right direction.

From four different table tops and two different legs to choose from, the TableAir can fit into any environment from entertainment venues, cosy and warm interiors, to sophisticated offices. A two-year warranty and components CE certified, the TableAir is perfect for everyone and better than that comes fully assembled, ready to roll...or stand!

Take my money and give me my TableAir

Yes, the TableAir is pretty awesome.

Yes, the TableAir is a functional fantasy of features and fun!

And Yes, the TableAir is right here at Easy Office Furniture!

You can browse & buy the full range of TableAir Sit/Stand Desks right here at Easy Office Furniture...

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