Office Recycling

Easy Office Furniture is committed to doing its best to help the environment, we also want to enpower our clients to do the same. That's why we help facilitate the proper disposal and donation of your out-of-date, worn-out and broken office furniture and electronics equipment.

Our in-house refurbishment and reuse program donates your unwanted items to local charities or community projects,  if this is not possible we recycle what can't be donated.

Talk to Easy Office Furniture today about your recycling needs, or email us for more information. Your office just got a lot  greener!



Charity Furniture

First, we gather the description and basic inventory of the furniture. Second, we take pictures and distribute the information to our local contacts for donation or resale. We can also provide transportation and labor services as part of the sale.

It's that easy!


Electronics Recycling Service

Easy Office Furniture offers convenient pickup and recycling of all your unwanted electronics equipment. Our partnership with a leading electronics recycler enables us to recycle your out-of-date, worn-out or broken office equipment from computers to TVs and more.

We make this as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. We'll step in and pick up whatever you don't want and take it to the recycling station for you. That makes us your facilities manager's new best friend!

Recyclable Electronics Equipment:,

Computers, Computer Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Printers and Televisions.


Furniture Recycling

Easy Office Furniture, properly recycles almost all of your unwanted and non-resalable furniture.

We can help arrange the following services:

Option 1: Coordinated with our furniture installation and delivery services, your furniture is removed and brought back to our facility and separated by material: metal, wood, fabric, etc.

Option 2: Removal and pick up of your furniture from your office and delivered directly to a local recycler where they separate the furniture according to materials, which avoids disposal at landfill. This practice is a lot more environmentally friendly.


Reuse program

Easy Office Furniture can inventory, design, project manage and reconfigure any of your existing furniture. We work closely with you to determine the best overall design and objectives for the reuse of your existing furniture, so you can make the most of what you already have.